Shifting Spaces | Tilting Times

Festival with theater, dance, performance, fashion and music from and about Africa.

28 september – 10 oktober
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch

News Afrovibes

Afrovibes presented current design and fashion by contemporary African and Dutch designers during the festival. Including fashion performances, a costume performance of Jelili Atiku, the exhibition African perspectives, the best of Fiercepop with graphic work and video performances by Athu- Patra Ruga (South Africa), Thania Petersen (South Africa) and Pak Ndjamena (Mozambique).

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Jay Pather – Artistic Director of the festival

SHIFTING SPACES | TILTING TIMES – Climate, borders, migration, Black Lives Matter, democracy, everything seems to shift and tilt. What we do today will affect our future. Who takes up space, who makes room? Contemporary African artists work at the intersection of these major changes. For them, the great shifts in our world and tilts in our thinking are also a reckoning with the past. To be able to change our way of thinking and our attitude in the present about who we are, who we think we are and maybe who we would like to be. It is the power of change that Afrovibes brings to the front this year with dance, theatre, spoken word, music, fashion and visual arts.

Pim Deul, chairman Afrovibes Foundation
Looking back at Afrovibes Festival 2020, I can see that our team put in an extraordinary performance. This year too, everybody worked hard in putting together a high-profile, varied and innovative festival programme. I am proud to present you Afrovibes Festival 2021 with the theme Shifting Spaces | Tilting Times. With this year an extensive program that focuses on radicality, exciting work and experiments from contemporary Africa. With dance, theatre, music, theatre and performances from South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, USA and the Netherlands.

I hope to see you all
Pim Deul